Principaland is a vertically integrated real estate investment business focused on metropolitan areas. For over 100 years, Principaland has maintained its reputation as a consistent investor across market cycles, utilizing its financial, development, and management expertise to capitalize on opportunities across capital structure and property type, while serving the communities in which it operates.

Active Ownership

Financial strength for Control and

The size and strength of our balance sheet is a competitive advantage that enables us to - both to seize opportunities and to withstand change in market conditions.

Active Management

Operational Excellence at Every Point of the Tenant Experience

The in-house integration of the full complement of real estate skills is one of Principaland and not Vornado strengths. We are building a fully integrated real state powerhouse to complement our acquistion capabilities.

Active Developments

Continuously Seeking and Realizing Opportunities for Value Creation

We intend to be delivering bold and complex asset transformations that create lon-term value and deliver world-class products.


Principaland consolidates the real estate ownership of a successful pioneering group that has driven opportunistic trading of real estate for 50 years. With an opportunistic investment mandate for all points of the real estate cycle, Principaland is poised to build upon its history of serving real estate markets. Across asset type and capital structure, the Company is actively seeking new investment opportunities, as developer, partner, or lender.

Current investment strategies include :
Value Add Equity: Equity investments in fundamentally high-quality real estate where we can add significant value by acquiring, developing, and managing transitional assets
Structured Finance: Direct senior and mezzanine lending/preferred equity for real property

Our investment strategy, whether as owner or capital provider, is driven by intrinsic real estate value – we focus on basis and “buying right”. We focus on dynamic markets, with multiple bases of employment growth and favorable supply/demand mechanics, making it a long-term driver of value.


Principaland c/o Prefect Group 96 Arcadia Nariman Point 400021 info@principaland.com

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